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LEGO: Life Emerges as we Grow Older


By Adam Hill


Remember when you were a kid?  Remember the utter enjoyment that you cold get out of lying on the floor playing with toys, using you imagination to come up with characters, stories, and spectacular adventures; Pirates, ordinary people and Star Wars characters all working together to save the world! Well, I do. And it got me blogging. 


Just the other day I was revisiting my childhood with my brother and a friend (21 and 22 respectively). We were playing AKA “working on a project” involving LEGO and something daunting hit me. A philosophical question that could shake me to the very core: When did I stop playing with toys? And more importantly, why did I stop playing with toys?  


I am a twin, so I held onto this part of my life for a little bit longer than most, but sometime between 12 and 14 the idea of lying on the floor with my brother and imagining a spectacular story was replaced with ‘real life’  and it soon disappeared into a distant memory. And not once after that did I reconsider going back. Why? 


I posed this question to my mother who responded in typical mother fashion. ‘It was that bloody computer, as soon as you started playing games and going on the internet you left your toys behind.’  

I, personally, do believe that technology is the root of all evil and that, someday, it will destroy us all. Digressing slightly I feel that there must be more to it. Surely, not all adults, over the history of mankind were lured away from their innocence by video games. I mean movies, television and tabloid news also play a big role in stealing this from us. 

Maybe it’s life. Maybe it’s  just harder to find hours at a time to lie on the floor. Maybe we all become boring. Maybe our innocence is simply ripped from our grasp and we don’t even realise it. 


But I still need to know; what is it that makes us leave our childhood behind?

I cannot wait to have children, well I can, but that goes against the point I am trying to make! I cannot wait to play with my children, and conjure up a good story of adventure and excitement. Maybe this longing to go back is the reason I am a writer. 


But I merely pose the question to you all: Would it really be strange if I, a 21 year old man, got down on my floor and started amusing myself with a good toy?

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